Descartes ' Reason Of Knowledge

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Descartes Reasons of Knowledge It was once said by René Descartes that, “if you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” In other words, when one wants to pursue the knowledge of this world, one must be able to question possibilities before coming to a conclusion. Throughout the Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes discusses his thoughts in a coherent manner. He strongly states that ‘true knowledge’ is gained through reasoning. On the opposing side, a philosopher known as David Hume, believes that all knowledge cannot exist without emotion. However, an individual’s feelings can distort their understandings of reality. While humans are blessed with…show more content…
Human beings learn more about themselves through the use of their mind when they rationalize their thoughts. For instance, if a person drops their wallet in front of a stranger without any recollection and continues walking, there are many reactions the bystander can act out. One possibility is that the bystander will witness the act and walk away. This person gains the knowledge that they are inconsiderate, uncaring and lack empathy. Another reaction of the bystander could be to steal the wallet and quickly leave the scene. This person gains the knowledge that they are dishonest and lack moral values. The final scenario involves the bystander picking up the wallet and returning it to the rightful owner. This person gains the knowledge that they are a compassionate being, that abides by the laws of their society. Descartes stresses the importance of where knowledge is found. He emphasizes that knowledge does not rely on a person’s senses but rather applying the ability to reason their thoughts. Descartes further explains that people cannot fully rely on their senses because those senses are flawed when attempting to describe the ultimate truth. Therefore, when a person relies on their senses to describe something, it is a different answer when compared to someone else’s senses. If people follow this theory of following their senses only, then there will be no gain of discovering the
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