Descartes : Synopsis Of Meditations 1

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Descartes: Synopsis of meditations 1, 2, 3 (p530-546) In what follows, I will summarize and come up with some explications to the first three meditations covered by Descartes. The first deals with the method of doubt, the second deals with the human mind and body, and finally the third with the existence of God. I will summarize these parts separately, in that order. In the first meditation, the meditator, who’s Descartes, introduces us with “the method of doubt”. What is the method of doubt? The method of doubt is a method that Descartes come up with in order to doubt generally in all things. Differently from skepticism, which is the ultimate doubt, Descartes come up with this strategy to question the authenticity of everything. Indeed, Descartes wants to find indubitable proposition on which he could build the rest of the knowledge. For this, he uses the doubt, which is a way to rethink everything from the scratch. I definitely agree with him because come to think of it, how can we be sure that what we know or what we ‘ve learned is definitely genuine if we do not try to doubt about it? The fact of doubting, even the fundamental things, make you going deeper on rethinking the authenticity of something in order to come with the final decision to believe or not believe in what was supposed to be the evidence. Therefore, will be considered as genuine only the facts or truths which will make it through this process of doubt and then can finally be…
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