Descartes Vs. Descartes 's Theory

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According to Descartes a mind cannot be divisible but the body can. He says that it is not humanly possible that someone can live with a divided brain. The argument also says that is it possible to divide our bodies into different part. Therefore scientists attacked this argument and figured they would test to see if it was true. Descartes divisibility argument is not correct, in fact it seems as if it has been proven by scientific experiments that his argument is wrong. In order for Descartes to be right he must have proof that humans cannot live with a divided brain. In order for that to be true then it would not be possible that our brains would be able to have our two separated hemispheres that have separate conscious awareness’s. The brain is made up of the left hemisphere and a right hemisphere. The left hemisphere provides consciousness for the right side of our bodies. It is also responsible for our art awareness. And then the right hemisphere provides consciousness for the left side of our bodies. Which is responsible for analytical awareness. This is not the only things that Descartes needs in order for his argument to be right. Our brains would also not have to have a corpus callosum which is the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres. The corpus callosum are the nerve fibers that are connecting our two hemispheres together. Now Descartes states that “nothing would be taken away from the mind” if a body part were to be removed. If that were the
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