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Descartes and Meditations There are many things that have occurred in my life that was questionable. Questionable in a way that doesn't make sense to why of if they even occurred. I often wonder what is the porpoise of my existence or that of anyone else's. A better question would be if I do even exist. There must be some thing out there that can explain everything, but I do not access to that something so I must try to form my own opinions. There is only one thing that I can be certain of, that one thing is that I am thinking being and I do exist somewhere. It is possible that I do not even have a body. It could be possible that I could just be a brain in a jar somewhere that thinks I am still alive. I could have been made…show more content…
Some higher power could be just running test on me to for their own information, I could be some kind of pet or even a computer program that was written by some higher being that has complete control of our actions. That could be said for everything that I have been programmed or thought to have learned on my own. There has to be some reason that it is harder for me to learn some things then others. Or perhaps its is simply that I am a human beings and that I have my own interests and thoughts. Now that I think about it there is another thing that I can be sure of that is no one can be certain that there is a God or higher power that has created us. Many people have a belief in God and support the theory very passionately. The problem with that belief is that there is no evidence that there is a God. The other side to that argument would be how can I prove that he doesn't exist. How can one explain our existence or even how the world or the universe began to existence. Did the universe just start one day or did something have to create it all. If there was a God I think that the world could be as I perceive it because God should be good and God would not allow me to live a life that is not true. Why do I posses these thoughts? I should not have doubts of my own existence. I should be happy that I do think and an able to live a normal life, but since I have no proof everything is questionable. In order to get rid of these

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