Descartes 's Magical Properties And Qualities Of A Substance

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Descartes explains “substance” as something that exists by itself and does not require anything for its existence. Modes are what Descartes considers the physical properties and qualities of a substance. An example of what modes are, can be imagined by thinking of the color, texture, or size of a red ball, as these features are what Descartes would consider modes of the ball. With knowing what substance is, Descartes further distinguishes infinite and finite substance, along with perfect and imperfect substances. Asking the question of what is a substance, Descartes claims that god is a substance because god exists without requiring anything. Next considering that god exists, anything which god creates can also be a substance because, as god is a substance, his creation is also a substance, however, with a lesser degree of existence making it both finite and imperfect because it requires god. It is also important to note that Descartes only considers god, the mind, and the body as substances that exist. 1 The mind and body for Descartes are two forms of substances that he distinguishes as being separate from one another in operations. This belief by Descartes come from his meditations where he excludes everything he has known including his physical body. Keeping in mind that everything is an illusion, Descartes tells himself if he is being deceived then to be deceived he must exist. Furthermore, Descartes concludes that since he is somehow able to think, he must exist,
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