Descartes 's Theory Of Mental And Physical Components Essay

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Descartes, a well known philosopher, proposed that the mental and physical components are different things. Considering they are casual connections between the mind and body and the mind and body are two independent substances. I will argue that these premises proposed by Descartes are not reasonable and the theory which best accounts for the “problem of interaction” is the identity theory. Rene Descartes opposed that the mind was a separate substance from the body which then created the mind-body problem, Under Descartes opposed Cartesian dualism he believed there was other physical substances along with his mind such as his body. He then thought there was two various beings that the universe contains. One being physical substances which would be our body in this case and the second being non-physical which would be our mind. Furthermore, he believed even though the mind and body are two different entities; however there yet still seems to be causal interactions between the two which can typically be explained through the brain. He then proceeds to lay down certain premises which helps him reach the conclusion which is made. The first premise made is that there is existence of the mind, but he cannot argue the same thing about the body. The rejection of the dualism laid down by Descartes is the main causation which leads to the “problem of interaction”

Rene Descartes expanded on the mind-body problem through his philosophical writings by focusing on his dualist views,
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