Descartes 's Theory Of Skepticism, The Evil Demon, And God

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Explain and evaluate Rene Descartes argument for knowledge including the role of skepticism, the evil demon, and god in resolving his doubts. Rene Descartes argues that a rational method is required to have knowledge. Descartes wants to determine which, if any beliefs, he has that are certain must be true! He employs a method of doubt whereby he hopes to find at least one foundational belief. The Evil Demon suggests that all of one’s experiences might be the result of a powerful outside force, a “Malicious demon”. Descartes had 3 types of beliefs: Beliefs about the world- Optical illusions, Beliefs about self- Dreaming and Beliefs about Math/Science- Evil Demon. He employs a method of doubt whereby he arrives at his one foundational belief. The evil demon can trick you into belief. According to Descartes a being cannot have knowledge of a being higher of the scale, unless the higher being imparts that knowledge to him. His limited intellect could never hope to comprehend God unless God imparted the Knowledge. Since Descartes has a clear and distinct notion of God, God must exist. Since God exists and all is good, all of Descartes previous doubts were washed away. God would not allow an evil being to deceive us.

2. Explain and evaluate Thomas Hobbes view that all objects are material, including thoughts, feelings and ideas. The only thing that exists are “bodies in motion”. According to Hobbes, thoughts, ideas and feelings are physical entities explained by motions in the…
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