Descartes 's View Of God

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Descartes proved in earlier Meditations that he himself exists because he is able to think and reason. His thought and his own mental idea of himself acts as the only proof of his existence that cannot be doubted. Descartes has in himself the idea of God and says that something, including that idea, can’t come from nothing. So that idea must have come from somewhere. He purposes that he cannot be the cause of the idea that God exists because he is finite and God is not. God is infinite. Descartes knows that God put this idea in him because he himself cannot think of it. He cannot come up with something that’s more than he can conceive of, and if he is a finite being, he cannot conceive of a being that is infinite. Just as a finite being, a…show more content…
It is like you wouldn’t know that “white” lacks color if you did not already know that there were colors. You would not walk around seeing all white and wonder “Where’s the blue?” unless a greater being put the idea of “blue” in you. Here is another objection to his argument that Descartes considers: Perhaps I am something greater than I myself understand. Perhaps all these perfections that I am attributing to God are somehow in me potentially, although they do not yet assert themselves and are not yet actualized. For I now observe that my knowledge is gradually being increased, and I see nothing standing in the way of its being increased more and more to infinity. Moreover, I see no reason why, with my knowledge thus increased, I could not acquire all the remaining perfections of God. And, finally, if the potential for these perfections is in me already, I see no reason why this potential would not suffice to produce the idea of these perfections. (77) In other words, maybe Descartes could think up the idea of infinity, because he is getting more and more perfect, moving in that direction, and that enables him to imagine perfection. If Descartes was practicing running and he was running shorter miles everyday: 7 minute mile, 6 minute mile, 5 minute mile… Someone might say that though he has not run a 4 minute mile yet, because he is progressing towards this, he is able to conceive of doing so. Descartes rejects this, saying: While it is true that my knowledge is
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