Descartes's Doubt Method Essay

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Method of doubt is a systematic deduction where all beliefs are rejected, and on the next step they are checked whether they are true with certainty or not before they become knowledge. Father of this method is Renee Descartes. Since Descartes felt that the knowledge wasn’t on solid grounds, he started his search for truth with two tools: doubt and analysis. Starting by doubting everything for finding truth, doubt is pivotal tool for him.
“The basic strategy of Descartes’ method of doubt is to defeat scepticism on its own ground. Begin by doubting the truth of everything—not only the evidence of the senses and the more extravagant cultural presuppositions, but even the fundamental process of reasoning itself.”( Kemerling).
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Then obtain truth on solid foundations that can never be wrong nor have doubt in it.
First of all, one of the reasons why we should doubt is that information we gathered from our senses can be wrong. Descartes gives an example about a stick in the water to show that our senses aren’t reliable. When a straight stick is in water, it looks like it is broken. Yet, when it is pulled off of water, it is seen as straight and unbroken again. Moreover, when we sleep and dream often, we can feel like that our dream is real. Then, Descartes asks “For how does one know that the thoughts which come while one dreams are false rather than the others, seeing that they are often no less strong and clear?”(58). and we are awake. But they’re not in fact. How can we know we’re awake or not. So we can’t and shouldn’t trust our senses to obtain truth.
Next reason for doubting is that our customs can give us false impressions. Descartes says “But having learnt from time I was at the school that there is nothing one can imagine so strange or so unbelievable that has not been

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