Descent Into Madness : A Book Review

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A Book Review

Rolland, Mike. (1997)Descent Into Madness: An Inmate’s Experience of the New Mexico State
Prison Riot. Ohio: Anderson Publishing Company.

Charise Y. Scott
AJU 6620 American Corrections Processes
Mississippi College

Dr. Harry Porter, Professor

April 8, 2016

Descent into Madness: A Book Review This book is comprised of nineteen chapters, 153 pages that are aimed at an audience of sociologists, and academicians in all areas of criminal justice administration. Its major themes are that of violence and disorganization as experienced by inmates in the 1980 New Mexico State Prison Riot and, in precise ways, it discusses the impact of such violence in the day-to-day experiences of those involved – the inmates and prison staff. This riot lasted only two days and more precisely, 36 hours, but the turmoil experienced by the inmates and prison staff during that time will last a lifetime. This book should alert prison officials of the need to run prison facilities in a humane way, but this book demonstrates almost the opposite. The author of Descent into Madness discusses how systems of criminal justice that engage in high levels of disorganization become nothing short of a breeding ground for discontentment among prison inmates. The other main point is that prison staff psychologically are hungry for power. This manifests in the myriad of ways that they treat the inmates in an effort to feel powerful through by retribution through their…
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