Describe A Fall Research Paper

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Fall is a wonderful time of the year when summer is transitioning into winter. During this period of time your senses are changing. For example you’re going from hearing the soothing sound of the beach to the sound of people spilling pumpkin spice laities on themselves. In fall something that you will most likely hear are all of the summer birds and geese flying away to find a new warm home. You will hear the crunch of the leaves when you step on them and cold breeze howling through the trees. Something that you will taste in fall is the new, fresh and crisp pumpkin pie crust, the newly picked apples and a nice steamy hot chocolate and pumpkin spice laities. Last you will taste the fresh, new fall breeze. In fall you will see the leaves blowing in the new, fresh fall breeze. You will see the fog of your warm breath in the cord fall air and the colorful leaves falling off the trees.…show more content…
You will also smell the sweet smell of the apple orchard and the nice sweet smell of a freshly baked pumpkin pie. Lastly in fall you can touch the leaved that are so crispy that if you try and bend them it would turn into dust. You can touch the cold fall breeze blowing through your finger tips and the warmth of your warm breath heating the cold air. Last you will feel the steam of your warm Starbucks in your hands warm and your lips burn with the warmness of the Starbucks. In conclusion after reading this you can understand how awesome fall is and how are lives changes from going to the beach, laying in the hot sand to cozying up to the fire place with your hot
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