Describe A Shopping Mall Essay

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6. Describe a shopping mall that you like
• Where is the mall located?
• What can you find there?
• What type of clients visit this mall?

I like one of malls that are located on the suburbs of my city. It’s large and newly built. It has 3 floors and a big underground parking. On the first and second floor you can find shops and boutiques of all world most famous brands. Various goods are offered: clothes, shoes, beauty products, furniture. There is also a hairdresser and a beauty salon. On the first floor there is a supermarket. On the third floor there is a big leisure complex with 4 fast food restaurants and a cinema. Shopping mall is surrounded by green lawns and benches.

The mall is visited by different people. Its garden and leisure complex are the favorite meeting points of young people in our city. A lot of people visit the mall everyday late in the afternoon to do some shopping. Some people enjoy walking from one shop to another even when they don’t have anything to buy. They eat junk food and watch
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Which famous shopping mall or big store would you like to visit?
1. I would like to visit Harrods. It is a world famous department store in London, England. It is very luxurious and full of very good shops. It looks especially nice at Christmas time when it is covered with lights.
2. What characteristics should a good shopping mall have?
2. A good shopping mall should be large and have many stores with different prices, so that every client could find something for himself.
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of big shopping malls comparing to small local shops?
3. In big shopping malls all goods are available. But unfortunately they are also often crowded and one has to stay in long lines. This doesn’t happen in small shops. But on the other hand, they don’t offer such a wide variety of goods.

7. Describe a job that you would like to have in future
• What is your ideal future profession?
• Where would you like to
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