Describe And Evaluate A Range Of Nursing Theories

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Nursing theory empowers the development of nursing knowledge and provides principles to support practice. Nursing theory shapes the nursing practice and provides a method for expressing key ideas concerning the essence of nursing practice. Nursing theories are originated from various concepts and defines their interrelationships and giving a systematic view of nursing related events. The purpose of nursing theory is to define, explain, predict and, or prescribe. Nursing theory is used in all phases of nursing care ad assist the practicing nurse to organize, understand and analyze patient data. They serve to guide assessment, intervention, and evaluation of nursing care. Nursing theory facilitates a systematic, consistent way of thinking about…show more content…
Nursing practice incorporates and applies various theories from nursing and other sciences. Furthermore, nursing graduates provide clinical care that emphases on the whole of a person’s health and illness experiences. A nurse clinician who integrates a range of theories in the practice allow him/ her to develop a comprehensive and holistic approach to care. Therefore, Masters nursing curriculum should include theories from nursing and other fields such as the natural, social, organizational, and biological sciences. This content together with knowledge of current research offers a strong foundation to guide the graduate’s advanced nursing practice. The course work of Masters will provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to; critique and evaluate a range of theories from nursing and related fields; apply and use applicable theories from nursing and related fields to provide high quality care to clients; and understand the health care delivery system in which they practice through the application of appropriate theories (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2017). Nursing theory, research and evidence based practice are interrelated. Theory guides the research process that brings new knowledge. The ability to apply knowledge to practice is fundamental in creating competent and highly skilled practitioners. By learning nursing theories, Mary can use it to guide her practice to achieve better outcomes (Matney, Avant, & Staggers,

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