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The country i chose was Brazil which is in South America Brazil's longitude and latitude are 15.7833° S, 47.8667° W. Brazil occupies most of the eastern part of the South American continent. Brazil's heartland is fifty percent of South America. Brazil is best known for carnival which is held every year fifty one days before easter. Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil and has become an event of huge proportions. At the end of the carnival is the beginning of lent when some roman catholics and other christians stop eating meat for forty days. Brazil is divided into five primary geographic areas: the northern Guiana Highlands,Brazilian Highlands or plateau central and east,The massive Amazon River: Basin,Pantanal wetland areas of the southwest, and last of all the Southern Highlands - to the west and south of Curitiba. Brazil is perfect for growing plants because of the climate there so far Brazil has fifty five thousand plants that are known of. The wildlife in brazil consist of jaguar,puma,margay,oncilla,jaguarundi,giant anteater, several varieties of sloths and armadillos, coati, giant river otter,tapir, peccaries, marsh deer, Pampas deer, and capybara,etc. These are only some of the many animals that live in Brazil.…show more content…
Another reason people go to Brazil is because of the beaches. There are more than two thousand beaches that stretch along brazil's shoreline. Landscapes are another reason why people go to brazil to see The Amazon River and Rainforest and Iguazu Falls are the most famous natural attractions in brazil which has sixty two National Parks and hundreds of conservation units. Most people stay for celebrations and events like Reveillon for one and there is many more many more. While i only listed a few reasons why Brazil is a beautiful place to go there are many more like the food the cities and towns etc. that is why Brazil is a wonderful place to
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