Describe Event On Child Showed Up With Her Mother For An Outpatient Procedure

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Describe event On September 14th a child showed up with her mother for an outpatient procedure. The minor was checked in at registration and then proceeded back to prepare for surgery with the pre-op nurse. At this time the mother further explained that she would be leaving the facility but gave contact information to get a hold of her once the procedure was complete. This information was placed on a note pad and note in the patients file. Once pre-op was complete the child was taken back to the OR were she was cared for by the OR nurse. After the procedure was complete the recovery nurse ensured the patient started to wake and then handed off to the discharge nurse. After waiting for the mother to return for about a half hour the patient started to become upset. Looking in the waiting area and not being able to locate the mother the, once the discharge nurse got a call from security that the father had shown up the nurse gave discharge instructions to the father and allowed the father to take the child. After reviewing and interviewing those parties involved it was noted that communication was not fluid and that contact information was not placed in the medical record or in a place that other care givers could find. The minor’s guardian was also allowed to leave the facility, this made it difficult to locate her when the procedure was over.
Security Guard – responsible for the safety of all patients in the hospital. At 0900 got a call that the child…
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