Describe, Giving Examples, How Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another.

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DEVELOPMENT Task 1.2. Describe, giving examples, how different aspects of development can affect one another. There are many examples that show how different aspects of development can impact one another. In majority of cases, one aspect will lead to another as a natural result, so for example, if a child has a speaks foreign language as his/her first and family just came to UK to live, this may lead to having language barrier, he/she may become shy, not very communicative, isolated, which affects emotional and intellectual development, further, he/she may have difficulty making friends, which can weaken his/her self esteem, affecting social and behavioral development. Another example may be if a child was not planned in the…show more content…
I remember that he could go everywhere alone, and I couldn't, I was spending more time at home, reading, as a result I love learning new things, I love studying – this definitely had impact on my intellectual and social development, I had some problems making friends, I was lucky my problems finished when I started studies and moved to my Grandma, but what could happen if I didn't have another place to go? A teenager like me could then isolate himself at home, becoming smarter and smarter on computers, internet, he could become a hacker and was arrested, transferred to prison,which would affect his social and emotional development very much. When a child is extremely overweight – we know obesity among children can disrupt their physical development and have further impacts. This child is struggling doing sport exercises when going to school, other children may bully him/her for that, leaving him/her feel embarrassed and shy, withdrawn. Also changing clothes in front of others may be embarassing, which may result in not wanting to take part in Personal Exercises, affecting his/her health and maybe onset of puberty as well – your diet can have impact on level of hormones. If it starts later than with peers, he/she may isolate him/herself because of that, resulting in low self esteem and sometimes depression. I

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