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When you start your own business, you begin with your limited experience, your skill set, and your drive to build up from there. To make your business a success, you need to be ready to put in a significant amount of hard work and create opportunities for yourself. In order to gain all the experience you need for a successful business, you need to do some creative thinking. There are many ways to gain experience while building your business that don't involve "breaking the bank."

*Volunteer to take minutes at a local charity board meeting. (The board gets their minutes professionally prepared and you receive the experience and business connections that may lead to future business.)

*Offer to type your church's weekly bulletin. (The church
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(This is a great opportunity to get testimonials and gain referrals.)

*Make calls on behalf of a local animal shelter. (Don't forget to ask if you can leave your cards on their front desk, because other business owners love animals too!)

*Subcontracting for another business owner. (This is probably the best way to gain business experience. These are your role models; they are business owners and they have been where you are now. Take this opportunity to help them with a little work and make sure to soak in all the experience.)

Now volunteering is not all about donating your services - you are also making an investment in your business. In each instance where you are either volunteering or working at a lower (subcontracting) rate, be sure to make an agreement with the organization that they will provide you with a testimonial for you to use on your website and marketing materials. (Keep in mind, this lower rate is only for the time you are "training/gaining experience" and not for other administrative tasks.) Also, make sure to limit the number of hours to a reasonable amount, you are running a business after
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