Describe How To Build Muscles Essay

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We all want to build muscles and lose fat. But not everyone has access to gym or can afford to go to one. So what can we do to have muscles? We need to find or do exercises and techniques that depend on body weight for resistance. The idea here is to break those muscle fibers because when they repair, they become bigger. It is how the body repairs those muscle fibers. It replaces them with stronger muscle and usually larger in size. This is more prominent in males but can also develop in females.

So what are these exercises that you can do without using weights and yet achieve those muscles? The easiest and the most versatile would be the pushups. Most people can do this without a problem. Aside from being the easiest, pushups work a range of muscle groups on the chest, shoulders, arms and the back. The basic form of push up is on your stomach with the feet and hands about shoulder width apart and supporting your body weight with your hands and toes. Your butt should be raised slightly so that your back will be straight. Depending on your capacity, you can do as many repetitions as you can. You can vary the starting position to target different muscle groups. You may want to try to place an elevation on your hands while doing the push up and the muscles that will work are different. You may want to place your hands sided by side and you will notice that the routine is more difficult than it really is. If you think you are ready, try one hand pushups
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All you need to do is pull two sturdy furniture together and place your hands, one on each side. Keep your legs folded to keep from touching the floor and lower and raise yourself between your supports. Be careful with the kind of furniture you use. You may lean the chair on the wall to make sure it will not slide and cause you
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