Describe How To Establish Credibility Before And After A Presentation

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To establish credibility before and after a presentation the speaker must live up to expectations. The audience will make an impression about the speaker before the speaker says a word. What they see when they look at you will influence their expectations. The speaker need to appear relaxed with a calm presence in addition make eye contact with the people as you go to the spot where you are going to give your presentation. Introduce yourself to the audience by giving them a background about who you are, where you came from and share with them any credentials you have relevant to your area of expertise. Give them facts about yourself that establish you are trust worthy. Share with them suggestions about information they can take away with them. Speak in a clear voice and in a way that the audience can understand what you are talking about. Give the audience time to process in their…show more content…
Showing the audience that what they have to talk about is honest, sensible and practical ideas of what can be achieved or expected. A person who is true to a cause allows parts of their personality to show elements of an individual’s emotions. Seeing the people we are speaking to and allowing them to see us is a strategy which can be used to help develop confidence in public speaking engagements. To maintain authenticity for presentations a person can practice giving eye contact with the audience so the listeners know the speaker is not a threat to them. The audience will then better relate to what the speaker is saying. Giving eye contact establishes calmness for the presenter which helps them to think clearer and the people in the audience perhaps maybe more willing to relate to them. When giving a presentation scan the room pick out a person or vocal point to make eye contact in an attempt to connect with individuals
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