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How to Use NLP communications?
By Jay Pasana
Jun 30, 2013
Mastering NLP communication will help you to lead towards greater heights in your career as your communication will automatically change negative thoughts into positive thoughts. People who understand and turn into word merchants will become the winners in future. Verbal skills are necessary for survival and success. This is like what you do during the day to day working.

The way the NLP communication works is very simple. Remember just how much efforts you have to apply when you want to influence your co-workers to go with your idea or whenever you try to get someone to do you a favor or to get agree with you on something. The real difference is that those who are experts in swaying
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Right away the mind attends to the previous action which is incomplete and keeps the other action in hanging state. If it found that other action pattern is not usual one then it gets confused in thinking about both the actions. This makes a momentary over burden for the brain. In such condition a sudden instruction or action always make the mind to go to the subconscious mind for help. In this situation mind always follow the commands it gets, as it wants to perform some action, but it's unable to decide and then it always do what appears to be easy.

When there is a disruption in the behavior pattern, the brain of that person starts thinking about what is happening. This will make confusion. His mind gets out of order for a moment. You instantly start talking something different. Then either try to give him an odd look or ask him something to get the answer from him. You can see his eyes get unfocused because his mind turns inside to know the solution about this strange situation.

Once you know the basic principle about the instant inductions you will be able to deal with rapid inductions based on several types of sudden and unexpected change. NLP is different from other behavioral change techniques because it deals with how people do things and not why they do
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