Describe How You Have Collaborated As Part Of A Multidisciplinary Team

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1. Describe how you have collaborated as part of a multidisciplinary team in order to diagnose this patient’s condition? How have you contributed to the effective working of this team? (4 marks) In the practical I was on the clinical biochemistry bench. My role was to carry out the cholesterol test for Mr Smith. The results for the cholesterol test were essential in the diagnosis as it could indicate whether Mr Smith was at risk of heart disease. Throughout the practical all students worked together as a multidisciplinary team. A multidisciplinary team has a range of healthcare professionals with different expertise and skills. This is deemed valuable as health care professionals work together to diagnose patients. If healthcare professionals did not work together as a multidisciplinary team the quality of patient care and diagnosis would decrease for example some healthcare professionals like physiotherapists may not have much knowledge on the procedures of cholesterol testing or the treatment plan and vice versa. The main skills I used in the diagnosis was communication, this is an essential part of working as part multidisciplinary team and working in a lab as individual must be able to efficiently communicate with their team in order to get their point across. In the practical I used the skill of communication to communicate with my team members by confirming the process of the tests carried out and also towards the end giving feedback on the results collated by my

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