Describe How to Establish Respectful, Professional Relationships with Children and Young People

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1.1 Describe how to establish respectful, professional relationships with children and young people. It is essential to establish respectful and professional relationships with children and young people in the role of Teaching Assistant. There are certain strategies which enable such a valued and trusted relationship be established. A relationship in which a child trusts and respects their TA and feels comfortable in their company, allows the TA to offer a supportive and caring environment in which the child can learn and develop. Listening is arguably the most important way in which to establish a respectful and professional relationship with a child or young person. By a TA listening to what a child has to say, without…show more content…
The TA should then explain why they believe a rule has been broken and the necessary punishment. The TA should always adhere to the schools behavior policy and follow through with punishments. By doing this, the TA communicates that there are consequences to the decisions children make and that the punishment is ‘fair’ in regards to the rule break. It is important for the TA to be consistent in such situations. For example, if two children were to break the same rule it would be ‘unfair’ to allow one to go unpunished, yet punishes the second child. This would result in a lack of respect from the children. Likewise, it would be ‘unfair’ if a TA was to show favoritism. For example, if a TA was to allow their favorites to ‘get away with’ things that they would punish other children for; this is ‘unfair’. Ultimately, the relationship that a TA wants to establish with all the children is one of trust and respect. A relationship like this can not be created if a TA is unfair, inconsistent or shows favoritism. A TA should make an effort to learn all children’s names, how to pronounce them and also how to spell them. Again, this shows the child that the TA has taken a personal interest in them. On a professional level, it is very important to remember a child’s name. In the case of an emergency, i.e. a fire, it is necessary to know all of the children
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