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Me: Which descriptions can you give concerning Socrates?
Plato: I can describe Socrates as a charismatic philosophical teacher. Socrates could urge those whom he was conversing with that they must put the care of their souls ahead of the pursuit of wealth.
Me: In education of erotic’s, what was the key message which Socrates wanted to pass?
Plato: This is a very good question. One thing I can mention about Socrates life is that he was more attached with what is inside than what is outside. Although Socrates acknowledge that outer beauty is essential, he stresses the fact that people should nurture inner beauty more than they value outer beauty. We learn more about Socrate’s perception on beauty from the dialogue with Diotima, a priestess, who
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It means that someone can acquire knowledge through two stages. The first stage is when a person becomes aware of his or her ignorance. The second stage postulates that knowledge cannot be second-hand, to true opinion. The article reveals that Diotima is in doubt that Socrates is able to attain a vision of Beauty, and that one must be led by a mystagogos to that vision. From Alcibiades’s speech account of Socrates, we get to know that Beauty is not the literal meaning. For example, Alcibiades describes the statues as ugly on the surface but carry agalmata or images of gods within…show more content…
Plato: Not at all
Me: What can we learn from Socrates murder?
Plato: Socrates murder depicts how our society is structured. Our society does not embrace what is right. Our society is made up of people professing falsehood. Our society is made up of people who are against truth. Socrates murder shows that to advocate for truth in a crippled society is like to commit a serious crime. It shows how society has failed.
Me: What take away lesson can you give to a reader based on your interaction with Socrates?
Plato: People need to be enlightened. People may be claiming that they are enlightened but in reality, they are not. Even some of the most educated individuals are in total darkness. The reason why educated individuals are not necessarily enlightened is that education system is all about forcing concepts into the minds of the students and expecting them to believe it, memorize it and pass exams. Educational system does not allow cultivation of inner freedom. Inner freedom is what give someone an inner sight. Inner freedom enables the person to see things the way they are and not the way the books or society or peers expects one to see
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