Describe The Benefits Of Moving To A Community

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Prior to coming to Dawson I was really unsure about what I wanted to do later on in life and I had no immediate goals. Additionally, I was a little nervous of being removed from the sheltered environment of my high school and being placed into such an enormous one. I also feel that my general knowledge was not that great and that I had very monotone vision of the world. I also had no confidence that I could make it out there on my own. That if I were forced to move out I would end up homeless within the next couple weeks. One of the best things Dawson has offered me is the possibility to interact with such a diverse group of people. One of the best things was definitely the group conversation, because I think it is the only time in my life I will ever have the chance to constantly interact with people of different perspectives. It really helped me opened up and become a lot more patient as well as more understanding. One of the most important things that the Commerce program has taught me is understand the value of a dollar and how to maximize that dollar in order to be able to get the best of people. However, one negative aspect is that I felt very limited with my possibilities at Dawson and that the business classes were not challenging enough. That being said, having to write so much has really helped my writing skills develop. It seems crazy to think that I used to never proof read…show more content…
After that I will probably do a masters as a narrow my field of study. There are plans in the talks of investing in the real estate market and opening an investment portfolio. I feel confident that I have enough business experience and understanding to make it a viable life option. I will not take for granted all the mistakes I was able to make in CEGEP, one thing that is for sure is that I would not have been able to make the same mistakes in
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