Describe The Conquest Of Alexander The Great

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Describe the conquest of Alexander the Great and analyze the legacy of his empire. Alexander the III of Macedonia was known as Alexander the Great. He became king when his father died. His father knew that he would succeed him so his father prepared him for a military and political future. Alexander the Great was taught by the well know educator Aristotle. Alexander mind was open up not only to the basic but to medicine, science and philosophy. He was known as Alexander the Great not only for his military intelligence but how he conquered vast territories and dominated lands from the west of the Nile to the Indies. He amassed the largest empire in the entire ancient world. There are many reasons that have been presented of how and why Alexander won everyone of his battles. Alexander never wasted time. He would investigate the land he wished to conquered. He would explore over dangerous terrain alone to keep himself and his army safe. He would study their psychology, their weapons and their methods of warfare. He always arrived before his enemies expected. Alexander could see his and his enemy's strong and weak points, knowing this information he would use exploitation to its greatest effect. In every military situation he left nothing undone. Alexander the Great had numerous and outstanding military victories. To name every one of them would fill many volumes, but there are three battles that he won that can be said to be his most decisive and of
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