Describe The Contribution Of Martin Luther, Henry VIII And Elizabeth I

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2. Describe the roles and contribution of Martin Luther, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I to the development of the Reformation. The development of the reformation was due to the contribution of three key icons of Martin Luther,Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. The effort made by each of them helped reform the church and the events that followed in the counter reformation. Martin Luther entered an Augustinian monastery and was ordained a priest in 1507. He lived in Germany in the state of Saxony, where he became a lecturer at the university of Wittenberg. His father,Hans luther had wished upon his son to become a lawyer and be successful in law practices,however Martin Luther had a life changing experience that changed his state of mind to become a monk. After being caught in a horrific thunderstorm Luther called to Saint anne pleading for survival, he shouted and proclaimed “I will become a monk” and so he did. Through study of the letters of St. Paul, Luther identified a principle he strongly stood by that the only thing that should matter to a Christian is faith and scripture. He heavily believed and encouraged this principle which was why he spoke out about the church's wrong doings. In 1517 Luther had Identified the wrongdoings of the church for quite some time and courageously listed 95 theses highlighting the error of indulgences and other corrupt practices the church was undergoing. He made the decision to leave the monastery and famously wrote books and

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