Describe The Differences Between Pollan And John Ortberg

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The two speakers that I chose to compare for this study were Pastor, John Ortberg and Michael Pollan. While these speakers presented very different audiences, according to very different structures, three things they had in common were: 1) a personal/conversational tone; 2) they involved the real world in the context of their presentations; and 3) they were clear and concisein their manner of speaking. =======================

Where Ortberg is explaining sections of the Bible to an audience of followers at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures, Pollan is elaborating his thesis on the unsustainability of our global food system. And where Ortberg is explaining sections of the Bible, integrated with stories of real world experiences which reflect the
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Both of whom use a conversational tone. At no point in their lecture do I feel like I am being talked down to. Instead, I become engaged in the issues they talk about, with them. They don’t merely lead or direct the attention of their audiences but, in a sense, participate with them; converse with them. Their tone is more natural and casual, rather than stern and imposing.
The speakers also try to relate the problem they are talking about to the audience member’s real world experience. Thus, where Pollan might get one to look at the problem of unsustainable food systems by getting the audience member to question where they get their food, Ortberg might get one to look at the problem of Biblical scripture and what it means from the standpoint of someone in some scenario he contrives. Ortberg uses a lot of stories to this end.
Last but not least, of course, both speakers are very concise and clear in their speech. They did not say anything more or anything less than they needed to. Their speeches were likewise free of many verbose phrases or uncommon vocabulary words, as both of whom were speaking to general audiences; they kept their phrasing and vocabulary
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