Describe The Different Types Of Hair In African American

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African American women have different types of hair. For example hair can either be course, fine, and medium textures. The way hair is determined its by circumference and the condition of the cuticle. Fine texture has a small circumference and closed cuticle. Coarse hair it has much larger circumference and the cuticle is much more open. They are often broken down into different types of hair such as African Caribbean, Asian, and Caucasian (European). African Caribbean is usually displayed as a tightly curled and often very dark. “African Caribbean hair is almost kidney shaped when seen in cross section.” (Anoymous, 2013) This type of is usual damage easily. Asian hair is usually “often straight and has a tendency to be lank.” They come in variety of colors for example a dark to medium brown. It usually is thick and strong. Then you have Caucasian or European which can be straight, wavy or curly. They are usually from a dark to medium brown and it also can be thick and strong. “The texture of hair can be vary significantly according to hair color and racial type” (Anoymous, 2013, p. 1)
Maude Johnson (2003) gives different ways to maintain the different textures. He uses example of
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The researcher interview with African American women with natural hair and examination of social media. The researchers explain that in the natural hair community a curl texture is more attractive than kinky hair texture and lengthier hair more desirable than short hair; also having manageable hair is dynamic to African American women’s effective performances of Black femininity. This research expands the discourse in African American Studies that theorizes the experiences of African American women with natural hair compared to those of African American women with relaxed hair such as perms (Howard, 2015, p.
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