Describe The Following Web Development Tools

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Describe the following web development tools:

• WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors are those in which content displayed during editing appears very closely to the final output corresponding to its appearance when printed or displayed as a finished product e.g. which might be a printed document, web page or slide presentation.

• Server side scripting is a method used in web development which includes employing scripts on a web server which creates a response customised for each user’s request to the website. The alternative is for the web server to deliver a static web page itself. Scripts can be written in any number of server side scripting languages that are currently available e.g. Netscape and JavaScript. Server side
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Browser compatibility checkers, check your page to see if it is compatible with various browsers. Checks include broken links or dead links, accessibility checker which checks to see if your web page is accessible to people with disabilities.

• File converters are programs that can convert files from one format to another file format. The most common types of conversions are usually video files. Types of video conversion include mpeg4, wmv, avi, swf, mov. Depending on where you want to view/play a file you may need to convert the file type to one that the software can play.
Explain how the following can affect website development

• Bandwidth is the amount of bits that can be over a network connection in a given period of time. It is usually measured in bits per second. Different connection types operate at different speeds for example dialup connections are normally limited to kilobytes per second whereas ADSL connections can reach up to 8 Mb/s. ADSL2 and ADSL2+ can reach speeds of up to 12 Mb/s and 20 Mb/s.

• The various content on a web page/site determine the load time of the page/site. What this means is that more graphics/multimedia bandwidth you use, the longer it take for your page to load. To reduce the time we should reduce the number of components and ensure all graphics are compressed before we use them. Research has shown that the majority of users will only wait a maximum of
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