Describe The Implications Of The Reformation For The Catholic Church Down To Today

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4. Describe the implications of the Reformation for the Catholic Church down to today.
The events of the church during the reformation and counter-reformation helps us see implications on what the church did and how its benefitted the church we know today.

The Christian church is still divided today because of the effect of the reformation period, but still works to build unity. The reformation period encouraged many people to interpret the likes of Lutheranism and Calvinism in their own way, which is why there are now over 30,000 Christian denominations since the reformation with each of them having their own set of teachings,beliefs and practices. Although the church is still divided today it still works to build unity to help bring christianity back together again after years of significant divisions. Learning from the split in the church during the reformation period the church has acknowledged unity to help prevent events that occurred during the reformation like the outbreak of violence between denominations that happened because of the churches disagreements . The church had also recognised its role in government and identified that the church should not involve itself with politics. Although the church is not physically involved in government it does, however speak out and encourage major issues we face today in our society like euthanasia. These changes in the church were Due to the counter reformation as vatican I had not yet finished and dealt with all

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