Describe The Importance Of Calf Muscle

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The calf muscle is a vital part of human anatomy. This muscle is actually made up of two muscles: the gastrocnemius and the soleus. The gastrocnemius is the biggest part, and forms the bulge that is visible on the leg. The soleus is located underneath the gastrocnemius and is small and flat. Both of these muscles connect with the achilles tendon through tough tissues. From there, the achilles tendon inserts into the heel. During movement such as walking, running, and jumping, the calf muscle pulls up on the heel to allow for movement. A very common condition of the calf muscle is straining/pulling it. The muscle is stretched further than its normal length, and is partially or fully torn. Most calf muscle pulls can heal themselves, but a full tear requires surgery. There are many common, easy exercises to strengthen the calf muscles.…show more content…
An easy way to strengthen the leg muscles in general is swimming. There is no risk of having injury, and it can strengthen the entire body at once. People should try and strengthen the calf muscles because they play a vital role in everyday life. Without the calf muscles, people wouldn’t be able to walk, run, or jump at all. Athletes must have strong calf muscles to have the endurance to perform in their specific sport. Another key reason to strengthen the calf muscles is because if the calf muscles are strong, then they can continue to build on themselves so you can lift more weight and run longer. Stronger calves can mean stronger cardio. If the calves are very fit, then cardio can be performed much easier and for a longer duration. A the calf muscle can also be very helpful in terms of heart health. As the muscle extends and contracts, it helps pump blood through the veins within it. This aids in the ability of blood to return to the heart. The calf muscles serve an important purpose in human anatomy. Without them, the legs just would not
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