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The lawn in front of me, with blades of grass ranging from 6-12 inches, needed mowing by me. The sun was beating down with harsh rays. I would have to dodge flowers, centuries old rocks, and tall, huge, towering trees. Yet, I went to the shed, swung it open, and dragged the lawnmower off of its throne. It is the king of this yard, and needs force to take care of its people. Lazy, sure, but we still gave it control over the starved lands of the brown-blades, the unreachable crevices of the weed-wack-blades, and over the vast farmlands of the green-blades. Thus, I began to mow using the king. I got around the trees before mowing the rest, so I could cut it smooth and even. Without warning, the yelling of the motor had stalled.…show more content…
All of a sudden, the mower stopped cutting. Although I had put gas into it, it seemed to churn through it as though it wasn’t anything. Then, I saw a single drop of gasoline dripping in slow-motion down the side of the mower. Fearful for what may be wrong, I investigated closer to the drip, searching above the drip. I glanced at a large hole in the side of the tank. Panic ensued, “did I cause this?” I thought. Then, I glanced at the road to see a red van with two familiar people in it, my parents. I panicked even more, trying to think of an excuse. Although, it was too late, as they were already out of the car and walking towards me. So, I fell to the ground, begging them for mercy, but they just stared at me in surprise. “Why did you try to mow with the broken lawnmower?” Mom asked. “Didn’t you see the note we left?” “Yeah, didn’t it say to mow the lawn before you get home?” I asked. “No, it stated ‘Mow the lawn before we get home tomorrow, when we get the new mower.’” Mom replied. So, we unloaded the new, better mower, and I finished the job. In conclusion, I learned that I need to read things more thoroughly. Quick reading will never work out, especially if the tool has a large hole in the
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