Describe The Principles Of Working At J & L Enterprises

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First, in my current job at J&L Enterprises as a landscaper, there are several guiding principles that I use daily on the job that have been encouraged by my supervisor and Jim Shipley, facility coordinator for Guardian. I have learned many of these guidelines throughout my lifetime and have applied them to my job at Guardian Industries, as well as, throughout the community. One main principle for J&L Enterprises is customer satisfaction. While mowing and doing landscaping, I strive to make it look the best to make sure they are pleased with what is done. In addition, respect is a value that is very important. Every client I work with receives my focused attention with pride as the priority. Fulfillment is another principle occurring with my work at Guardian. I think highly of my work knowing hundreds of workers walk by it every day. It makes me want to perfect it even more knowing I will continue to make J&L Enterprises a reputable business. Second, getting the opportunity to experience an internship is something every person should do. This experience gives you a full understanding of what your interests are and the career path you want to take. This privilege allowed me to put into practice a few of…show more content…
Being CPR certified can be a life saver when it comes to a bad situation, and I was thankful enough to be taught this from my lifeguarding experience. Integrity occurred when there were kids around the pool doing the wrong things. I could have turned the other way to avoid peer ridicule, but instead, I told my boss exactly what occurred so proper consequences were administered. Moreover, quick thinking was another important principle I learned in lifeguarding. I remember four specific times when I had to save kids from drowning. During these situations, I had to change my mentality very quickly to get the kids to
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