Describe The Relationship Between Alexandra And Zandy

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Alexandra, Zan, Alex, Zandy, Miss Alexandra…
On August 19, 1999, I was born as Alexandra Smith. It’s one of those first names that demands for something shorter. Whether it follows a warm, firm handshake, or the rambling off of an attendance roll call, someone never fails to challenge the length of my name: “So do you go by Alexandra or…?” Yes. I go by Alexandra. I go by Alexandra when I scribble my name with the soft lead of a Ticonderoga pencil at the top of and assignment; I go by Alexandra when my mom is standing on the front porch as I attempt to quietly drive up the driveway, tires against gravel, an hour past curfew; I go by Alexandra when, every September, I say my name in the annual round of painful, first-day-of-school icebreakers. But often, I’ll agree that Alexandra is one of those names that inherently begs for something a little more, or maybe a little less.
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On the other side of the double set of swinging glass doors is my cousin. “Zandy! Did you study for bio?” My cheeks darken from a nice rose to a color just shy of crimson as my childhood nickname emerges from the sandy North Carolina beach vacations and into the sea of my peers. Adrianna grabs my backpack and gives me a playful shove, just as she had when she pushed me into the sun-warmed pool outside of our rented beach house. Being the smallest, the most naive, and the only one to willingly put up with such abuse, pushing Zandy in the pool or burying her in a giant grave of sand are games that my cousins participate in
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