Describe The Relationship Between Anesha And Zander

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There was once a couple two of the most powerful gods to ever walk the face of the earth...until Zander the god of war and agility cheats and totally spits on his and his girlfriend or soon to be wife Anesha the goddess of wisdom,power and battle strategy. They were what you called being in love...until the skeezy little cheater Zander did something that Anesha would never expect him to do..he did the unthinkable he completely shattered and ripped out Anesha’s heart like a baby ripping a doll’s head off their body...he cheated on her with another goddess that he didn't even know well. Him not understanding the wrong that he did,he didn't know that all hell would break loose and she would make him pay for everything he put her through. Later on as he realized what he did wrong and tried and wanted to apologize and he did,but anesha with so much pride turned him down. …show more content…

It was like fire and ice head to head in a battle that would not end pretty for one of them..and the one that suffered through so much was going to be Zander, she made sure that he felt the way she felt when he broke that pretty little heart of hers.She made a plan to once and for all end his life no,matter what she had to do she would do it,but she didn’t do it on her own she had her mythical shape shifting creature take care of all her business for her.This mythical shape shifting creature ended his life,because not only did Anesha have the power of ice and power and agility she had many other traits,but so did her mythical creature.Her shape shifting creature ended the life of one of the strongest gods.Anesha took Zanders creature known as the hell

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