Describe The Relationship Between Hal And Art Todras

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Well the holidays are over, and I feel that they were a great success. I would like to thank Rabbi Hal and our Hazzans, Ron Fink, Mayer Grob, Sheila Pour, and Art Todras for wonderful services, but without the following people helping in someway, we could not have had these services: Iris Petersiel, Michael Kornstein, Sam Richardson, Fran Todras, Daniel Elmakis, Deb Lebman, Ellen Bernstein, Marilyn Wiener, Sonya Brockstein, Michael Schoenhaut, Barry Green, Diane Girgente and her ushers, Al Sherman, Craig Hammons, Jeremy & Isabel Schlussel, Tomomi Rubin, Larry Feldman, Jeff Scharf, Lori Shiffman, Philip Perschetz, Elizabeth Harper, Bruce Nordin, Matt Nordin, Tom McClish, and Michael Yetsin I also would like to say a thank you to Brittany,
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