Describe The Structure And Function Of The Digestive System

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Keys Words & Command Words Is your evidence accurate/Tasks
Describe nutrition, including nutritional requirements using recommended guidelines from public health sources associated with nutrition Nutrition & macronutrients
• carbohydrates,
• proteins,
• fats

Nutrition & micronutrients
• vitamins,
• fibre

Research and define nutritional requirements
• Recommended Daily Allowance, RDA
• Optimum Level, OL
• Safe Intake, SI
• Estimated Average Requirements, EAR

To achieve P1:

Write a report or essay that describes nutrition.

Part 1
Structure your essay using the sub tittles adjacent. Explain Macro and Micro Nutrients

Part 2
You must ensure you research define nutritional requirements. What do various agencies recommend and why?
Describe the structure and function of the digestive system in terms of digestion, absorption and excretion Digestion structure
• buccal cavity,
• oesophagus,
• stomach,
• duodenum,
• pancreas,
• liver,
• gallbladder,
• small intestine,
• large intestine,
• kidneys,
• digestive juices & enzymes

Function of digestive system
• digestion
• absorption
• excretion

To achieve P2:

Write a report or essay that describes
Digestion structure & Digestive function

Include diagrams:
No bullet points. Keep to an essay style

Describe energy intake and expenditure in sports performance

Energy measurements
• calories,
• joules,
• kilocalories,
• kilojoules

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