Describe The Student's Work In Light Of The Criteria For Success On The Learning Target?

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Providing specific praise can help a student with their learning and using critical thinking skills they did not know they had. Students do not always have to receive a prize or treat in order to give them praise for a job well done. Providing students with verbal feedback and praise on the tasks at-hand can be very beneficial to their personal academics. This paper will discuss three questions on feedback and praise along with explanation of my thinking and reasoning for them.
Question #1: How does the feedback describe the student’s work in light of the criteria for success on the learning target? Explain your thinking.
In the video “Always Learning” from the Teaching Channel, the teacher provides her students with specific feedback and praise on the task they are working on. She tells them what they are doing wrong but also what they have done right. Providing students with confidence in using their critical thinking skills at the same time recalling background knowledge. With asking the students questions about the lesson and …show more content…

Having the students re-think the question and talk it out helped them in answering the question. The format of feedback that was provided to the students was not just effective but it also provided them with reassurance. Using Q&A to help students understand a question can better help them in answering the question. By asking students questions about the task makes them use their critical thinking and providing examples will help them with understanding the task. Providing appropriate verbal feedback can be a great help to students. While the teacher was assisting one student she could see that the student next to him was having some of the same issues with answering the question. She was able to help both students in understanding what the question was asking. This situation can occur many times throughout the school

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