Describe The Typical Italian Dinner

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This ethnographic text will describe how the typical Italian dinner is structured, through a rather classic Saturday dinner in my house. The first paragraph will illustrate the social hierarchy of the family when setting up the table. The following parts of the essay will describe the processes that occur when starting the meal, and then the different rules and habits when eating.

In this family, dinner does start a specific time every day, rather, it starts when my father is finish cooking. On this occasion, he started cooking at eight p.m., and it usually takes him between 45 minutes and an hour to finish. While he was cooking, all the other members of the family (me, my sister, my mother and my grandmother), were all outside the kitchen, busy with our own activities.
We all reunited around the table only, when father called us when he was almost finish preparing the food. At this moment, the rest of the family cleared off the table from all the objects that do not belong to the table during dinner time, and as we did this, we also set up the table. The setup is very structured, in fact, there are always two plates for each person (a smaller plate on top of a bigger one), both fork and knife on the right-hand side of the plate with the glass on the top left corner of the plate, and in the middle of the table there are a jar of water, a wooden
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In Italy, the main course is usually pasta, in fact, we were eating spaghetti all’arrabbiata (spaghetti with a spicy sauce). And before eating the pasta, we passed around the cheese container. Then when we finished eating the pasta, my father stood up once again to put the pasta in the fridge (we often do this to leave some leftovers for the next day.) and decided it was time for the second course (barbecued pork with a side of salad). The chat continued for a while, even after we all finished
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