Describe Two Features That All Ontological Arguments For Theism

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Describe two features that all Ontological Arguments for Theism have in common. All ontological arguments are based in the idea of logic and reasoning. They are created with the intent to show that God exists based on how we can observe the world around us. Much of well-known theological rhetoric is based in the idea of believing in something that one cannot observe, and all ontological arguments produce rhetoric that there is observational proof of God. The second thing all ontological arguments share is a mesh of disciplines. It is true all ontological arguments are based in theism, but that is the simplest descriptor. Ontological arguments combine philosophy, natural sciences, logical reasoning, and a wide variety of other studies to make their case. They cannot be made upon theological reasoning alone.…show more content…
Do you agree or disagree with Plato that every culture/society/government needs some kind of "Noble Lie" in order to function? Defend your answer with an
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