Describe Two of the Major Approaches in Psychology. Choose Two from the Following Five: Psychodynamic, Behaviourist, Humanistic, Cognitive, or Biological.

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The word psychology derives from the Greek psyche (mind, soul spirit) and logos (discourse, study). It suggests that psychology is simply 'study of the mind'. However, it is worth to mentioning that definition of psychology has been changed in order to dominant perspective. In 1879, when W. Wundt opened her first psychological laboratory at the University of Leipzig and origanated psychology as separate discipline, the definition of psychology was: ' the Science of Mental Life, both of its phenomena and of their conditions... The Phenomena are such thing as we call feelings, desires, cognition, reasoning, decisions and the like.' Nowaday, behaviorism and cognitive psychology are dominant force in psychology, for that reason the most…show more content…
On the other hand Newton's Second Law or Eistein general theory of relativity are still untestable. So maybe Freud was right? For example his theory emphazises unconcious mind and nowaday's researches occur that many of information processing is pre – concious. It is important to said that some part of his theory for example Oedipus Conflict or defence mechanisms have very little evidence to support them. Moreover, those part of his theory, which can be tested, for example theory of psychosexual development are found to be incorrect. However, during many years (before emergence of cognitive – behaviour therapy) psychoanalist was the most succesful form of therapy, although psychologist still do not know why it is so effective. The emergence of cognitive psychology is dated at 1956, when took place a meeting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to Professor Les Sdorow and Proffesor Cheryl Rickabaugh , cognitive perspective is 'the psychological viewpoint that favors the study of how the mind organizes perceptions, processes information, and interprets experiences'. The idea of cognitive psychology emphasizes role of mind in organizing perception, processing information and interpretinf experience. Moreover, it stresses that laboratory studies must be well-controled and objective.Scientist often tries to understant the complexities of human organs by compering it to something simpler
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