Describe What Montessori Meant by’ New Education’ Essay

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v Describe what Montessori meant by’ New Education’ Dr. Maria Montessori is the creator for the Montessori Education Method for a new world who devoted her life to improve children’s education excellence. Her educational method is widely used in schools or at home for children 3 t0 6 years old. Maria Montessori lived through one of the traumatic time eras of the world history, which changed everybody’s lives including children. It was the time of anxiety, cruelty, death, family separation and children facing starvation. Maria Montessori felt the best solution to overcome endless, war, violence and poverty is education. Therefore, Maria Montessori believed educating the next generation will improve children’s live and future of the…show more content…
Furthermore a child will grow and develop in the same order that are extraordinary and the progress in their own natural rhythm. The education system back in her era focused on teaching the children to memorise word to word from books and posters and Children sat in rows at desks at the classroom learning from a blackboard and slates. This method of education wasn’t stimulating and exciting for children. Nevertheless through her experience Montessori discovered children want to learn, and they will do it in their own time frame and they shouldn’t be forced. The “new education” that she invented will make learning fun, spontaneous and challenging. She diminished the traditional method of teaching by starting her children with writing. She felt the traditional method of teaching was very teacher-oriented and it lacks the role of children in education. The teacher dominates the class and gives instructions to the whole class. The children’s role is to sit, listen and absorb the information from teacher’s traditional academic instruction. Teachers sets the Curriculum materials themselves at a rapid pace plus the materials are not catered for individual needs. They are treated in a same manner; therefore teachers are not being able to address each child’s individual academic strengths and needs. Maria Montessori believed because of children’s
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