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Describe your company 's position within the pillars of analytics competition? It is not clear to me that Sanofi currently has a unique ‘Distinctive Analytics Capability’ in that there are other bigger pharmaceutical companies that are investing heavily in data analytics as well. Regarding Enterprise-wide analytics, Sanofi has performed well. In the five years I have been with Sanofi, the company has invested in Business Objects, SAP, Cognizant, WorkDay and other data bases to increase data workflow efficiency across departments as well as facilitate standardized data collection and reporting, ultimately to enable effective strategic decision making. Regarding Senior Management Commitment, I believe the culture over the last few…show more content…
I do believe that only up until the last few years Sanofi was in Stage II (Davenport and Harris, 2007), where analytics was localized, in that it was utilized primarily in Research and Development and a scant few other departments. Most of the business units were managed more on intuition than on rigorous data collection and analysis. It seems to me that Sanofi has shifted in recent years to Stage III (Davenport and Harris, 2007), whereby they have recently begun to integrate data and analytics. I believe that Sanofi is on path to someday be thought of as a top tier analytical company (Davenport and Harris, 2007), where they will be able to differentiate and innovate based upon a strong analytical capability. With continued systems investment and development of analytical expertise, perhaps in 5-10 years Sanofi will be an Analytical competitor (Davenport and Harris, 2007) where analytics drives performance and enhances value creation. How does your company create competitive advantage with analytics? I would argue that the competitive advantage that Sanofi is seeking is very much a work in progress. Given that diabetes is ranked as the 7th leading cause of death in the United States (U.S.) and given that total diabetes costs were over $245B in the US in 2012 (American Diabetes Association, 2013) Sanofi is investing heavily into analytics to understand the disease
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