Describe Your Observations For The Following Stages Of The Experiment

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Describe your observations for the following stages of the experiment:
Inside the pear shape flask 2 distinct layers were observed sulphuric acid made bottom layer which was light orange and the top layer contained a mixture of and was light yellow. The layers were formed as (density/solubility???) The initial temperature was measured to be

As the mixture was heated, it began to boil steadily. Also two separate layers were gradually formed and these layers were distinguishable due to the difference in the colour. The top layer started to turn into yellow and the bottom layer light pink. Also as the solution was heated, the vapours of gases were condensed by the condenser and returned into the solution. This was inferred as droplets were observed on the inner surface of the condenser at the site close to the junction between the condenser and the pear shaped flask.

When the solution was cooled after 25 minutes of heating, the top layer was pale violet red and the bottom layer was maroon. Furthermore the top layer took the larger volume of the flask, about tenfold the volume of the bottom layer.

Isolation: with sodium carbonate and with water
When the sodium carbonate was added, it vigorously reacted with the solution and caused the solution to start bubbling for about 4 minutes. When the reaction was completed, inside the separating fuel three separate layers were observed. The top, middle and bottom layers were muddy brown, white and

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