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From revising and re-reading my own writing, I have learn that it takes a lot of steps to be able to organized your thoughts and putting them into writing, it takes time to make all this ideas to make sense; that it is important as a writer to transmit all perspective, for the audience that is target as the readers, it should bring them to your world and understand all the views you try to conveyed.

It is important to have someone else to read proof you writing, because they will give new view and new style and new perspective to your paper. When other people proof read your work they might find mistakes that you missed, because is your way of talking, or telling your story in your own words that it is putting in writing.
Someone else will give new flow of thoughts add different
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“ are we going to incorporate all this insights to our paper. Is like bringing shabby chic style to modern or contemporary. Revision need to introduce people, time and places that you might overlook in the entire structure of your paper. You need to add sense to sentences, review paragraph, vocabulary that will be more effective as a writer but also as a reader. Revising is a way to recognized flaws in your writing that will make your writing weak and compromise the ideas you will like further to reflect.

If you read my papers you will know, I am a work in progress…LOL (Laugh Out Loud).
But the possibilities are at large. Mistakes I am the Queen of writing mistakes, not by self-acknowledge facts, but for a reasoning that goes beyond. What it is?
Well my grammatical skills are awful at every step of my language life. I am multilingual which mean lots of confusion in the order you use sentences and plurals. Most people believe my first language is other than English, however I grew up speaking English through my childhood, but my accent and my train of thought make difficult to believe
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