Describe Your Personality Using A Color, Animal, And An Object Of Your Choice

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Describe your personality using a color, animal, or an object of your choice. If I had to describe myself as an animal, I would choose a dog. Surprisingly, I didn’t just choose this because I like dogs. Don’t get me wrong dogs are fantastic; but I chose a dog because of its characteristics. Everyone knows about that little dog that barks louder than any dog on the block. That dog is me; except lucky for you I don’t bark, nor am I covered in hair with a tail. What I mean to say is, from a distance I might seem intimidating, but once you come closer and get to know me you’ll realize I 'm actually a teddy bear. (metaphorically of course) I love to greet people, whether it be friends or family, with open arms and make them feel…show more content…
Taking advantage of the opportunity to attend college is a priority in my life. Furthermore, I am passionate about being able to provide for my parents when I’m older. I hope to be able to, one day, take care of my parents how they have for me during the past 16 years. Another passionate concern I have is being able to help others. This is a concern of mine because I would love to be able to work for something bigger than myself. An example of this would be the opportunity to work towards curing a disease with no known cure. These passionate concerns are not all fully in my control, but through hard work I feel as though I can bring them closer to reality. 3. During your senior year, discuss the area within yourself that you would like to see some growth or improvement. During my senior year, I would like to see myself grow through my contributions to the community. In the past and present, I have volunteered through clubs such as National Honor Society and Class Council. I would like to not only volunteer more through school clubs, but also through outside facilities. Making a difference has always been something that is important to me. Through added community service and volunteer work, I hope to be able to make a lasting change in the local community. 4. Who is your hero? Why? My dad is my hero. Throughout his life, my dad has proved himself to be hardworking, dedicated and selfless. When my dad moved to America as a child, he had to
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