Describe Your Personality Using A Color, Animal, Or An Object Of Your Choice

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Describe your personality using a color, animal, or an object of your choice.
If I had to describe myself as an animal, I would choose a dog. Surprisingly, I didn’t just choose this because I like dogs. Don’t get me wrong dogs are fantastic; but I chose a dog because of its characteristics. Everyone knows about that little dog that barks louder than any dog on the block. That dog is me; except lucky for you I don’t bark, nor am I covered in hair with a tail. What I mean to say is, from a distance I might seem intimidating, but once you come closer and get to know me you’ll realize I 'm actually a teddy bear. (metaphorically of course) I love to greet people, whether it be friends or family, with open arms and make them feel welcome and at home. Also, I’m always there for anybody around me who may need some extra support. This could mean anything from running an errand for my mom or being a shoulder to cry on for a friend. One possible negative personality trait I share with dogs is occasionally being overprotective. I say this is negative very cautiously, because it is not always bad. I never want to see anybody get hurt. This leads to me always having my friends’ and family’s back, even when they may not want me to be there. In that way, I am similar to a dog.

2. Discuss 3 passionate concerns you have regarding your future.
In regards to my future, a passionate concern I have is where I decide to go to college. I am not concerned so much as to where I go, but what I’ll

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