Describe Your Planning/Intentions/Goals Going Into This Interaction?

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1. Describe your planning/intentions/goals going into this interaction I was in the Collin College’s library working on my sports management homework on the computer and beside me, I saw a guy working on a familiar homework that I have done in the past. At that point, I planned that I would talk to this guy about his work and what he thinks about that class. One of my goals was to keep the conversation as short as possible because I didn’t want him to be distracted from doing his homework. More on, I also had to finish my own homework so time was limited. My other goal was to give the student an advice on how to succeed in that class. This
2. Record below the approximate details of the interaction (what was said, nonverbal, etc. etc.) I actually started off the conversation by telling the guy that I have done that homework before and then I later introduced myself. He was happy to hear that I took critical thinking class before because he was struggling in that class. Therefore, he introduces himself to me and from there the conversation proceeds. Ali told me
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It was surprising to me that the conversation will go off-guard because I was not expecting to have sports talk with him and my plan was to keep the interaction with in five minutes limit. However, that turned out to be impossible when we started our discussion on cricket. As of our interaction, I learned that a person that shares the same values as others is most likely to have a long conversation than a person who does not. More on, I to was able exchange my contact information with Ali by the end of our conversation and that made happy because I made a new friend. Even though I failed to achieve in one of my goals, I did succeed in completing the other goal and that was to him an advice. Next time, the thing I might do differently would be to try not to get off topic when it comes to small
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