Describe Your Professional Approach If A Colleague, Client, Or Peer

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Describe your professional approach if a colleague, client, or peer were to express interest in alternative sexualities. BDSM Bondage and discipline, dominance, and submission, a form of Sadomasochism, encompass all inclusive term for forms of sexual expression that consist of inflicting and receiving physical pain, humiliation, and restraint. LeVay and Baldwin (2012), asserts that some couples like biting, slapping, and wrestling from time to time as a way of heightening their sexual excitement. Verbal abuse, or enslavement are a part of the dominance where the individual is forced to engaging degrading activity, such as licking their Gynandromorphophilia a particular sexual interest or appeal to male -to - female transgender or transexual. LeVay and Baldwin, states these men are known as tranfans or tranny chasers. Also, affirming that transgender and tranfans make an ideal couple, which sometimes do occur. However, transgender uninterested by transfan perhaps denying the transgenders feminine individuality (Brown & Rousley, 2003; LaVay & Baldwin, 2012) Cross-Dressing, wearing garments of the opposite sex, for any and all sort of reasons and motives. Cross-dressing may occur for sexual and non-sexual reasons. For instance, women may cross-dress to pass as a man for employment or other privileges of masculinity. Additionally, women dressing like a man may be practical for many reasons; case in point, traditional blue jeans has become unisex. Cross-dressing may occur for
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