Describe a Personal Experience Where Your Race or Ethnicity Made a Difference

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Race and ethnicity has influenced my life in many ways and up until now I am living with the discriminations that comes with not belonging to a certain group of people. Worldwide racial discrimination race is common and even more common here in the United States. People make choices subconsciously based on the racial group they belong to. Individuals have preference of people of their own ethnicity over people of a different ethnic group.

I personally have experienced some sort of racial discrimination and am sure every one else is a victim of racial discrimination just as much as I am. I believe if every student, staff or faculty that will be asked their opinions about racial inequality, they will gladly oppose racism. But some of us
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I went back to the library to study for my next exam and I made sure I was back at exactly 1pm. She still wasn’t back; I decided to wait a little while at the door. While waiting, she came and I requested for the application and she told me she didn’t have the application and she gave me her card to make an appointment with her to come in for the application and that she cannot meet up until after the 29th which is suppose to be the dead line of the application. Believe it or not, I stupidly left the office thinking that is the same procedure everyone is going to have to go through. An hour later, my friend who is not the same race as the coordinator but looks like she is of her race, went in and was given the application.

Some times it is just too heart breaking to know after meeting all the requirements of something, you still do not really meet the requirement just because of your skin color. We talk about how racial discrimination is inappropriate, but we still practice racial favoritism anyways. Like in the case of this scholarship, they could have just written on the requirements, you have to belong to a certain race to qualify, but it is not right to do that. I felt so depressed realizing in the very end that I wasted all my time and energy for nothing because I do not actually meet the real requirements. I do not belong to the ideal racial group. I believe day in and day out; other students just like me have to deal with situations like
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